I’ve Never Been So Impressed

Thanks so much for Peter’s workshop on Saturday. It was a treat to work with you and Peter, and such a lovely bunch actors! Of all the masterclasses and workshops I’ve done (a decent few!), I’ve never been so impressed by the level of organisation, which was directly proportionate to the amount I was able to get out of the day. The combination of small class size, actors paired and scenes chosen specifically for each of us (not just one size fits all with repetition over the day), firm scheduling (regulated with your superlative AD skills) but with enough room to accommodate interesting tangential conversation, and instant footage on DVD enabled me to maximise wisdom gained in a way I’ve never previously experienced or thought possible of a one-day-er. And of course, Peter offered so much wonderful insight; especially digestible, practical and specific – brilliant! Was fantastic to hear your wisdom too!

Stephanie King – Peter Andrikidis Master Intensive


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