Graduates creating a big buzz

Apr 30, 2015 | News, Press Room

Graduates creating a big buzz:  Original article at NewsLocal by James Gorman 29

BUDDING actors are flocking to Surry Hills to follow in the footsteps of Australian stars making it big in Hollywood.

Todd Lasance ( Spartacus, Fools Gold, Home & Away, Cloud Street), Chris Hemsworth ( Thor, The Avengers), Yvonne Strahovski ( Dexter), Meegan Warner ( Turn), Stef Dawson ( Mockingjay 1 & 2), and Christian Clark ( Home & Away) are just some of the talent forged at Surry Hills acting institute Screenwise, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in September.

Principal Director, CEO and veteran actor Denise Roberts said while acting has always been a popular career choice for many young Sydneysiders, it was the success of talent like Hemsworth and Lasance which has sparked even more interest.

However, with only 34 positions at the school available each year, Roberts admitted it takes a special talent to secure a spot.

“We receive hundreds of applications each year however we are only looking for the very best,” she said.

Roberts founded Screenwise in order to meet the demand for more Australian actors in film and television.

“I come from Scotland originally and there were no opportunities over there when I was younger for people to become actors. You had to go to London back then and it was kind of the same situation here in Sydney,” she said. “You had NIDA, of course, but there really wasn’t much else.”

Roberts said while skill and training were invaluable assets to an actor, sometimes the difference between success and failure came down to sheer luck.

“If you want a career in the acting industry you have to be highly skilled because there is always competition out there and while you can be highly trained, luck has a lot to do with it, you sometimes need to be in the right place at the right time.”

The Australian actor said she has witnessed first-hand the rise in interest from young Sydneysiders eager to enter the world of performing arts.


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