Five ways that Screen Acting Beginners is making an impact on newly emerging actors

May 9, 2018 | Screenwise Presents

Our six-week Screen Acting Beginners course continues to make an impact on emerging actors taking their first steps in the Film and Television industry. Whether you want to explore screen acting for the first time or simply boost your confidence in front of the camera, Screen Acting Beginners is unveiling a fresh air of confidence and direction for those new to the industry.

Working with award-winning industry professionals

All our tutors are industry-working professionals and continue to be involved in critically acclaimed productions around the globe. Screen Acting Beginners offers newcomers the advantage of the extensive expertise of renowned directors, actors and filmmakers who form the core of Screenwise.

Learning from the best

Screen Acting Beginners courses are currently overseen by acclaimed Film & TV actors Rachael Blake (Lantana, Sleeping Beauty) and Drayton Morley (Home & Away, All Saints). Both have been acknowledged with awards for their rich body of work and are currently working on Film, Television and Stage productions around the globe.

Getting Boutique

Having to work in a crowded classroom makes it difficult to get the focus on you. Screenwise prides itself on the quality and boutique style of teaching that is responsible for shaping unique stand out actors. We want our tutors to give you the attention you deserve. Our classes are also renowned for being a hub for long-lasting friendships and great networking opportunities in a supportive atmosphere.

Optimising your potential

We want to see you flourish beyond your first class. Screen Acting Beginners is just the start of your career. We encourage our students to progress into our Intermediate and Advanced short courses upon completion. These courses complement your acting technique significantly and equip you with the perfect skillset to back your acting career.

The Right Stuff

When exploring acting as a career you can become easily overwhelmed by the work and effort needed to become successful. This is why we aim to make our curriculum as comprehensive and helpful as possible. Outcomes include screen acting essentials, improvisation, action, objective, motivation, interpretation and scene analysis.

Don’t miss out and join Australia’s most sought after Screen Acting Beginners course now. Drayton Morley’s classes commence 26 May 2018 and are held on Saturday mornings. Rachael Blake’s classes commence 7 June 2018 and are held on Thursday evenings. Our studio facilities are located in Surry Hills.  All places in these classes are expected to fill.



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