Hi Denise,

I have been inspired to write and tell you that I have immensely enjoyed my classes with Steve Rodgers and Lewis Fitz-Gerald. It’s easy to complain about things, so I like to encourage positive feedback – especially when so deserved!

Steve is such a nurturing, gentle and encouraging teacher. I went into his classess after a rather awful Christmas and New Year (family problems) and I was feeling very vulnerable and upset from all my personal matters. Steve made me feel so safe, and he challenged me in such a positive way, that I feel my acting made real progress with him, especially in the areas of using my intuition and getting emotional truth.

He not only worked great with us individually, but he created a really wonderful class environment with a real ‘team’ feeling in it. This was so positive. What a beautiful man! It was an absolute joy being in his class.

I have also loved working with Lewis. While he is very different in style to Steve, he was extrememly encouraging and positive also. I loved the way he challenged us, threw things at us on the spot to do (like the way things would pop-up and happen on a real set), and was honest with us on our performances but never in a disparaging, degrading or disrespectul way. He has a fabulous skill in keeping the class on track and focused, and making sure all the different people are working and being challenged in a way that they will get the most individual benefit from.

His class was truly invigorating as well as being extremely educational. I especially liked the class where he gave us a scene to do on the same night we had to do it, with different scenarios for each of us. I feel that he has gotten my best class work to date out of me. I am so thankful to him, and am very much looking forward to crossing paths again with him in the near future.

See you round the corridors of power (no, not THOSE corridors of power, just the ones at Screenwise!).

All the best,

Jane Elizabeth


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