‘Exeptional!’ – Anton Murray, Showreel Graduate

I found the 12 month Showreel Course exceptional to develop my acting craft, and provide me with a valuable set of acting tools to use out in the daunting “real world”. The course content was well structured, dynamic and was directly to the point in developing us all as working actors. I found the acting tutors were all well organised, enthusiastic and each had radically different teaching styles that allowed us to be constantly challenged and in turn adapt to each coaching style accordingly.

Perhaps most importantly, I found that my Showreel classmates were fully engaged and ready to get involved which made the whole experience so much more enjoyable and worthwhile, as compared to other acting courses I have attended where the actors in attendance were overly relaxed and disorganised in their preparation.


Anton Murray (Graduate Showreel Course 2012)

Anton Murray

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