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Oct 9, 2014 | Blog

Screenwise spills the beans on our favourite places for coffee a feed or a drink!


The Sandwich Shop
Hands down one of the best places around town to grab a sandwich, breakfast is an option as are fresh salads, soups and coffee
44 Revervoir St, Surry Hills

Chur Burger
One of our personal favourites here at Screenwise, located just around the corner, chur burgers are the best going around – ask any Screenwiser
48 Albion St, Surry Hills

Four Ate Five
Four Ate Five is the type of café you’d eat in every day. It’s got brilliant food, friendly service and a pulled pork sandwich that visits you in your dreams.
485 Crown St, Surry Hills

Me And Art
This cute cafe specialises in gluten-free and vegan-friendly goodies, plus top-notch coffee.
62 Mary St, Surry Hills


Reuben Hills
Coined as the coffee equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, this is a definite must for a good coffee!
61 Albion St, Surry Hills

Brooklyn Hide
Walk through a small alley lane and you are at this NYC inspired cafe! Promises great coffee and the bagels are not too shabby either!
226 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

Single Origin
Coffee fans converge on this cafe, with ethically sourced beans – this cafe is one of our favourites
60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills


Royal Albert Hotel
Located just around the corner, this pub is the perfect way to grab an awesome craft beer or a cracking cheeseburger with mates
140 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

The Winery
One of our absolute favourites, with an all day menu and an awesome wine list, this place is the ideal situation for a good time
285a Crown St, Surry Hills

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