In-Depth Guide to the Screenwise Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting 10869NAT


Ever wanted to be an actor or actress? Dreamt of being on the big screen, in a Hollywood movie? Always wanted to have your name in the bright lights? Well we know just how to get there, with our Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting. In our in-depth guide, we will give you everything you need to know about the Advanced Diploma and more, here is what you’ll discover:

  • What is the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting?
  • Why study with Screenwise?
  • How to prepare for the demands of today’s film and television industry
  • Benefits to getting the Advanced Diploma in Screen Acting?
  • Tutors & leadership
  • Course overview, curriculum, length and fee structure
  • Details on our founders scholarship
  • How to prepare for the workplace
  • Career opportunities
  • Feature videos of previous students and testimonials
  • How to apply

guide to diploma screen acting

What Is the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting?

The Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting (10869NAT) is a two-year, full-time, government-accredited program that offers students extensive creative and technical acting classes. The Advanced Diploma teaches students the most progressive acting theories and in-depth industry training today. Students are taught to refine their understanding of their performance on screen and crucially to meet the demands of the industry off screen in order to pursue a successful acting career.

Based on the acclaimed ‘Roberts Method’, the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting combines acting classes with both a rigorous academic element and a clear focus on the professionalism required to get ahead in today’s film and television industry, both in Australia as well as internationally. The Roberts Method prioritises a team focus and social-based learning, which is crucial for actors who will go on to work on-set with other professionals within TV and film productions.

The tutors on the program include award-winning actors, directors, casting directors and technicians who have the industry insight and experience to mentor our aspiring actors. Students partake in industry-standard TV and film shoots that allow them to build a highly professional showreel. The Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting builds towards a large performance, showcasing our actor’s talents to key representatives of Australia’s TV and film industry, including agents and directors.

Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting Key Dates

1st Sep 2021Applications Open for the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting 2022 intake.

If you are offered a callback audition and are unable to attend due to geographic limitations (Eg. being located interstate) you will be given the opportunity to attend your callback audition via Zoom.

Register your interest here
FEB 2022 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting Commences

Why Study With Screenwise?

Proven Results

Screenwise has an impressive history of consistently producing high-quality actors who have gone on to have notable success in the industry. Our focus on honing the specific competencies required for TV and film acting has given its students the ability to effectively translate those skills on to sets and the screen. Successful graduates include, Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Stef Dawson (Hunger Games, Mockingjay 1 & 2) and Isabel Lucas (Transformers).

The Centre of Screen Acting

Sydney is the real beating heart of Australia’s film and television production and is the ideal place for anyone who wants to know how to get into acting. Screenwise’s industry links can offer students real acting roles while they are studying for their Advanced Diploma through its network of casting agents, directors and production companies

Trained by Industry Experts

Students studying at Screenwise are given the opportunity to learn and train with experienced, professional actors, directors and casting consultants. These mentors provide guidance both on the creative and the business side of acting. Our tutors both provide key insights and links to the industry through invaluable networking opportunities that can open doors to a brilliant career.

Great Facilities

Screenwise’s studios are air-conditioned and fully equipped to provide a high-quality environment to get the best out of our actors. The studios offer the latest in visual and audio recording and lighting with HD cameras, external Sennheiser microphones, green and blue screens and much more.

Ideal CBD Location

Screenwise is superbly connected with both train and bus options, only metres away from Central train station, which has regular direct connections to Sydney’s International and domestic airports. The area is in the heart of Sydney with a host of great dining and shopping options within an easy walk of the school.

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How We Prepare You for the Demands of Today’s Film and Television Industry

From an understanding of the key terminology and processes of working on set to self promotion and the audition process, the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting equips our actors with a deeper awareness of the TV and film industry’s inner workings.

We work with current industry experts who have in-depth knowledge of what is required to get screen actors into the business. Our students are closely mentored and guided over the two-year program by high-qualified teachers with real life, experience of the film and television industry both in Australia and internationally.

Benefits of Getting an Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

Strong Fundamentals

You build a house from solid foundations, and actors are no different. Acting for screen requires far more than simple charisma. Our in-depth two- year program gives actors significant time to develop their range and work with industry experts to hone the vital skills required for the film and TV industry.

The Full Picture

The Advanced Diploma in Screen Acting offers a comprehensive guide to acting for TV and film. Whilst other courses specialise in specific areas, we offer an Advanced Diploma which covers often unappreciated, off-screen competences such as the importance of self-marketing, post-production work, contract negotiation and many more.

Networking Opportunities

Throughout their studies, students are given the chance to audition and make contact with key industry players. Screenwise has collaborated with leading production companies including RKPix and Tracks Post Productions, and with renowned education institutions such as AFTRS and UTS. At the end of course, students are able to showcase their talents at a finale performance attended by members of the Australian TV and film industry.


Self-promotion is a key skill for any aspiring actor who wants to get in to the industry and a showreel is an increasingly key part of this. Tutors work with students in their second year of the Advanced Diploma to complete a professionally edited and produced piece.

Tutors & Leadership

For close to 40 years Denise Roberts has worked as a professional actress, director, producer, author and trainer bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as the founder and CEO of Screenwise. Denise has assembled a teaching staff that includes award winning actors, directors, casting directors and technicians.

Denise has received an array of accolades throughout her diverse career, including an Australian Film Institute (AFI) Award, an International Festival of World Cinema, award 4 Silver Logie Nominations and a host of other prestigious awards and nominations. Find out more about Denise Roberts here.

Screenwise employs a host of industry pioneers across the full range of key acting disciples from award-winning presenters to casting directors and screen combat choreographers. Our tutors are still working in the industry, which ensures that our students understand the requirements of the market and our actors can easily transition into acting work.

At Screenwise, we don’t settle for anything but the best. From the highest-quality facilities to the most experienced tutors. To be the best, you have to learn from the best.

Our tutors include a host of award-winning actors and directors: Phillip Quast (Hacksaw Ridge, Picnic at Hanging Rock), Alan Flower (Mr Inbetween, Doctor Doctor), Peter Mochrie (Power Rangers the Movie, Water Rats) and many others.

Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting 10869NAT is comprised of 14 Core Units including 1 Elective over two years. The Advanced Diploma provides immersion training in the vital skills and techniques required for screen acting. Students examine the methods behind acting and the most advanced acting theories in classes taught by industry experts in their fields.

The Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting builds towards a final professional showreel and a major showcase performance watched by Australia’s top industry representatives, including directors, agents, casting directors and producers. At the end of their course students will receive an industry-recognised ASQA-accredited advanced diploma.

Course Curriculum

First Year

The first year of the course focuses on on-screen fundamentals examining subjects such as developing characterisation, improvisation and an actor’s voice.

Off-Screen Work

The program teaches a key understanding of the roles of production and post-production personnel and the key lines of authority. Students will develop their knowledge of the vital components behind the camera work, including lighting, shot composition and maintaining prop and script continuity.

Second Year

The second year is about refining acting techniques and preparing students for the importance of the business of the industry. Students will look at a range of important areas from audition and screen test technique with top casting directors to contract negotiation with the actors union (MEAA). Students are also given the opportunity to expand their range by choosing from either a presenting or comedy elective course.

The Grand Finale

In the last few months of their acting Advanced Diploma students will work towards an industry showreel that allows them to showcase their talent to earn future work. Students will make a 7 to 30 minute professionally produced and directed final film, this will be submitted to film festivals to boost their exposure.

The graduating student’s final year films are screened and they will perform live on stage in a theatrical production at the major industry showcase presentation to an audience of industry directors, producers, agents and casting consultants. Students are introduced to industry guests and their showreels, CV’s and headshots are also presented.

Course Duration 

The Screenwise Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting 10869NAT is a two year full-time, in-depth artistic and technical training course. The course is 20 hours per week, which amounts to 1,380 contact tuition hours over the duration of the course. Applicants are required to be 18 years old at the start date of the program.

Fees & Payment Options

Screenwise offers a range of payment plans for the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting that are suited to the specific financial needs of the applicant. For more information on the exact finance structures, please consult Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting course booklet that can be downloaded here, or please get in touch with Screenwise on 02 9281 4484 or email

Founder’s Scholarship

Screenwises’ founder and CEO Denise Roberts has created the Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship which awards a two-year full-time scholarship to a worthy candidate to study the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting.

Screenwise wants to open its programs to everyone and ensure that the best of Australia’s acting talent is recognised and championed. Young actors face a number of challenges in being able to access high-quality training especially those from economically or socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The scholarship is valued at $35,000 and covers all the tuition fees of the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma Screen Acting Program. The recipient of this scholarship will also be fortunate to receive personal mentoring from Screenwise’s founder Denise Roberts. For more information or to start your application, please click here.

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Preparing for the Workplace

Actors will earn 85% of their income on average from television and film according to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA). Screenwise has created a relative niche among acting schools by focusing solely on teaching the skills and knowledge required for screen acting. Our expertise in this area has allowed us to offer a highly specialised Advanced Diploma for any inspiring actors, aiding them to get into the film and TV industry.

From day one, our Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting students start their acting career. Screenwise prepares students to translate the skills and knowledge into the real world of the screen acting industry. Students are encouraged and supported by tutors to audition for acting roles while they are studying.

We have seen that the chance to audition along studying offers a student’s a vital insight into the real world of the screen acting industry. Where possible, Denise and our tutors recommend students to their diverse network of personal contacts of casting agents, directors, and production companies.

Career Opportunities

Students that have graduated with a Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting have gone on to receive critical and commercial acclaim working in a wide range of roles as actors and voiceover artists, as well as directors and producers across the film and television industry.

Screenwise maintains a rich history of producing highly proficient actors who have worked on a diverse range of Australian and international film and television productions including Home and Away, Unbroken, Australia Day, Hyde & Seek, Deep Water and a number of renowned productions alongside numerous TV commercials.

Some of our successful graduates that have studied various courses at Screenwise include Nathaniel Buzolic (Hacksaw Ridge, The Vampire Diaries), Chris Hemsworth, (Thor, Avengers: End Game), Todd Lasance (Spartacus, Cloudstreet) and may others. To find out about more about our the achievements of graduates of the Diploma of Screen Acting click here.

Videos – Sample work

You can see the emphasis we put on the high standards of acting and highly professional editing by checking out our videos here.

Alumni Testimonials

The Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting is built around offering students extensive creative and technical knowledge to pursue a successful career in acting within the film and television industry. Here a just a few of our Diploma of Screen Acting alumni:

“The two years at Screenwise covered every facet of acting, every workable method an actor would need and much more. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced and the management/staff are helpful and communicative.”

Matatia Foai, 2018 Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting Graduate

“I loved my two years at Screenwise and couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of Denise Roberts and the many Industry professionals that tutored us during our time. I have grown immensely as an actor and have made life-long friendships”

Chloe Rogers, 2017 Diploma of Screen Acting Graduate.

“Screenwise has spring-boarded my learning to a completely different level; a level I didn’t realise was available to me. The incredibly talented tutors have transformed the way I approach the art form and matured me as an actor and person.”

Laura Brogan Browne, 2017 Screenwise Diploma of Screen Acting Graduate

To see more from our previous graduates of the Diploma of Screen Acting and how their experience at Screenwise benefits their acting careers, have a look here.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2-year Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting course are open now. Applicants will need to submit some basic personal information, a monologue audition submission, an acting resume and a headshot (formatted in JPEG). Please read the requirements below and fill out this application form.

Screenwise is looking for students with a desire to become professional actors. Applicants will need to be over 18, have a strong English skills, and meet the acting and financial commitments of the course.

For more specific criteria, please refer to the entry requirements listed here.

Successful applicants will be invited back for a final round of assessments where they will perform their audition on camera in front of a panel of judges.

The Monologue

The monologue must last around 1 minute and be performed to a camera. The monologue can be about a subject of the applicants choice and can be performed in either a contemporary/modern or classical style. The performance should be appropriate for the applicant’s age and suitable for film or television rather than theatre.

The monologue must involve the character speaking to either externalise their thoughts or tell a story or speak to another person. If the monologue is entered via multi-media platforms such as YouTube, it must unlisted, private or password protected.

Monologue performance criteria

The monologue can be performed directly to the camera or to another actor slightly off camera with a plain background.

To ensure the actor’s talents their face must be fully visible and voice clearly audible throughout the monologue. Similarly, the camera angle should be directly on the applicant, framed like a headshot above the chest in a tight mid shot.

That’s it, your in-depth guide to the Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting. Now you know everything there is to know about the course and how we really prepare you for a career in screen acting. If you think getting the Advanced Diploma is in your best interest, get in touch today. Or, for more information on the Advanced Diploma Of Screen Acting, view our FAQs .

As William Esper once said; “Actors think more with their hearts than with their heads.” Maybe it’s your time you did the same…

Screenwise is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO provider code 91699) and a member of the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA)

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