Blockbuster – WOW!

Hi Denise

Where do I start?

Lani loved the workshop with Dave so much she has not stopped talking about it. Thank you so much for suggesting it. Dave has left a lasting impression on Lani and she keeps coming out with absolute pearls of wisdom drawn from his words. She nearly filled a whole exercise book with notes she took from his work shop. We watched her audition tape and his advice to Lani was brilliant.

He is indeed a talented and amazing Australian. It was also great to see what happens in audition, I have always let Lani be herself and go in by herself as she has always been so independent and I do not want her to feel uncomfortable in front of me. My husband and I couldn’t believe how honest and open she is, it makes us very proud.

Talking about talented Australians Lani’s older sister Kayla was star struck seeing you in the office as Razzle Dazzle is one of fav movies it is in our DVD cabinet with other classic oz flicks. Kayla said mum I just wanted her to say, “I think she should get right back on the horse Mr Jonathan!”

I also wanted to let you know Lani has won two more acting roles both via audition both auditions were filmed so her Screenwise training is indeed paying off!

Firstly one with Beyond Productions, a paid job as an extra on a series called Deadly Women she will be on set this weekend at Rozelle.

Secondly a role in a short film called Torn director James Schlesinger from the International Film School.

Thanks again Denise you’re a gem!


Christine Castle – Lani Castle – Blockbuster


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