Customised Screen Training Programs


*COVID-19 Notice:
As we are all fully aware, COVID-19 continues to have a widespread impact on the way we are going about our every day lives and how we interact with each other. Change is a part of life that can be challenging, but by making a conscious effort to focus on active solutions, we can focus on an exciting future with growth that is defined by our efforts during these trying times.

In a move to align with advice received from NSW health professionals and with the utmost importance for the health and safety of our staff, students, tutors and corporate partners, we are now pleased to be offering our teaching solutions, including our Corporate Customised Training Programs delivered through video conferencing.

On-Screen training to suit your organisations needs

Screenwise Corporate offers communication, presentation and on-screen training for individuals and businesses across the private and public sector.

Presented by some of Australia’s leading communication experts from the Film and Television industry, Screenwise Corporate can deliver a range of on-site, off-site or video conference tailored business communication programs to suit your organisational needs.

Taking care of businesses

We take building your customised training program seriously. Screenwise Corporate invests the necessary time to ask you what matters in your organisation or business, so that you can make the most out of your training budgets.

We understand that organisations of all sizes have varying business goals and challenges, so getting to know your stakeholders is our priority. How else would we know how to best improve communication in your organisation, unless we take the time to get to know you?

Stages of the Corporate Screen Training Program

  1. Getting to know you (The Consultative Stage)
    This isn’t about us. It’s about you. In order to build the right corporate training program for your organisation, our team will offer a consultative session where we ask valuable questions to better understand the communication challenges presented in your business.

    What kind of questions would we ask – examples?

  2. Made to fit (Tailoring your program)
    Following your consultative session with Screenwise, our team can begin tailoring your corporate screen training program to suit the business objectives and challenges of your organisation or business. We also design your class to effectively cater to the size and accessibility of your staff.
  3. Serving what matters (Delivery Stage)
    In-person or online? Onsite or in our studios? Screenwise Corporate can deliver your customised training program in a range of different formats to fit into your business activity.

Whatever your need for screen, we have you covered

Screenwise Corporate Training Programs are ideal for those who encounter day-to-day communications with a range of stakeholders to achieve organisational objectives. From presenting to the media to important virtual meetings, Screenwise Corporate Customised Screen Training will help you communicate your objectives with an authentic and confident presentation
every time.

Customised Screen Training is a valuable package for (but not limited to) the following organisational leaders looking to enhance communication efforts within their organisation:

  • Corporate Communicators
  • Internal Communicators
  • Change and Continuity Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Marketers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Real Estate agents
  • Start-Up Entrepreneurs
  • Project Managers
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Client and Customer Service Managers
  • Team Managers
  • Sales and Recruitment Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Organisational Development Managers

Presented by experts from the Film & TV Industry

Screenwise continues to employ the crème de la crème of industry professionals – you will be presented the opportunity to work alongside celebrated Australian actors and acting coaches who adopt an articulate and inspirational approach to their teaching.

You will be exposed to these professionals on an intimate basis, and are offered the rare opportunity to learn and train closely with these experienced actors who have a deep knowledge in what it means to have a practical and rewarding career in the Film and Television Industry.

Let’s work together

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Screenwise Corporate Classes are ideal for those who encounter day-to-day communications with a range of stakeholders to achieve organisational objectives. From presenting at events to important company board meetings, Screenwise Corporate classes help you communicate your objectives with authentic and confident presentations every time.