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American Accent

American Accent

Commences: 05 Feb 2022

Tutor: Natasha McNamara

When: Saturday Mornings


American Accent

Live & Online: American Accent

Commences: 28 Feb 2022

Tutor: Natasha McNamara

When: Monday Evenings


American accent – don’t rely on your ear!

Screenwise’s American accent workshop is designed to give the actor ‘the edge’ when auditioning for American film and TV productions. At Screenwise, we teach actors the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain an authentic American accent. If you are serious about working as an actor, an American accent is a critical skill that you must develop and retain. Did you know that actor Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers, Snow White & The Huntsman, Rush) learned his American accent at Screenwise!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your American accent stand up to audition nerves and film set pressure?
  • Does your American accent stand the test of a highly charged emotional scene?
  • Is your American accent truly authentic or do you fluke it?

An accent takes considerable time, commitment and muscle memory to learn. If you have the audition, it’s too late to learn the accent – or your attention is on the accent and not where it needs to be.  Be prepared for when opportunity presents itself! Which is why our American accent workshop takes place each week for two hours over a period of six consecutive weeks or three hours over 5 weeks.

Places are strictly limited. The workshop incorporates both phonetics and camera work.

Students perform on camera in Standard American dialect. Standard American  is the most popular when it comes to U.S. screen productions, so this workshop focusses exclusively on Standard American. The Curriculum includes:

  • Phonetics
  • Acting and reacting
  • Scene work
  • Monologues

Terms & Conditions:   There are no refunds or transfers to other courses.

About screenwise

Screenwise was established in the year 2000 to provide specialist, career-focused training in acting for film & television. The school employs leading industry professionals – award-winning actors, directors & casting consultants who are articulate and inspirational teachers.

Screenwise is overseen by Denise Roberts (Schapelle, The Moodys, Cliffy, Mrs Biggs, Packed To The Rafters, Blood Brothers, Razzle Dazzle, Always Greener, GP). The school offers full-time and part-time intensive creative and technical screen acting programs which are accredited and up to date with Australian and International film industry standards.

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