A Very Happy Student

Hello again Denise, yet more correspondence from a very happy student

The past two weeks have been the most progressive two weeks of my life in terms of maturing as a young actor. I was blown away by the first term and wondered how much better things could get. I was having so much fun with my teachers and classmates that I wasn’t aware it could get better. Well… it did.

Only three weeks into my second term I was put up for an audition for Packed to the Rafters. During that week I also attended the first round of the Dungog film Festival’s speed auditioning and all this after yet another full Wednesday class of excitement during the week. It was a massive week and I turned up this morning to my fourth week into term two, only to find out that I had successfully auditioned for the role on Packed to the Rafters. I hardly got in the door and the girls in the office sprung the news on me!

I almost fell over.

To put it bluntly, I was overcome with pride. I am a very modest person and did my best to be subtle but I was truly touched by the fact that Screenwise had put their trust in me to take on an audition and actually have a crack at securing the spot. I can’t tell you how much of a confidence boost this was on top of being considered for the role in the first place. (I was happy to be going to the casting let along get the gig).

So from the bottom of my heart I thank you Denise and to everyone else at screenwise who believes in me. I hope I can continue to do great work and be as honorable in defeat as I currently am in my small victory. I realize it is impossible to be successful in all my castings but it feels damn good to get that first one especially under the watchful eye of Chris Martin Jones. – what a great bloke!

Chris Martin – 12 Month Showreel Student

Chris Martin

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