A Big Thank You

I just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you what a blast it was filming our scenes last week. A big thank you to Denise and the Screenwise team for the opportunities that they offer to their students – all the amazing teachers that we’ve had throughout the year and for organising Grant Bowler to shoot our scenes. He’s a great actor, sure, but he’s also an amazing teacher and director. He has so much enthusiasm for what he does and is so encouraging and supporting to everyone.

I was at the shoot last Fri but I’m going to go to the shoot on the 23rd of September as well to watch and learn from the rest of my class, and to lend a helping hand to the crew if it’s needed.

I look forward to the rest of the classes and shooting the monologues with Denise!

I hope that our showreels will be a true testament for all the hard work and commitment invested into the course by the students, teachers and the Screenwise admin team!

Thank you and kind regards,

Liliya May – 2009 Screenwise Showreel Student


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