2015: A Year In Review

Dec 1, 2015 | News

It has been a huge year for Screenwise. We are incredibly proud of all of the Screenwise Alumni and Tutors who appeared on the screen, big and small, locally and internationally throughout 2015.

Here’s a small selection of some of the Screenwise actors’ achievements. A huge congratulations to all of our talented actors for their successes this year. Read more about our Alumni and Tutors.

Alan Flower Catching Milat Tutor TV Actor
Stationary Tutor Film Actor
Hiding Tutor Film Actor
Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door Tutor TV Actor
Super Awesome Tutor Film Actor
Phsychoanalysis Tutor Film Actor
Alannah Robertson Another Day With The Mates Alumni Stage Actor
Punk Rock Alumni Stage Actor
Ashleigh Cummings Gallipoli Alumni TV Actor
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Alumni TV Actor
Beau Baker Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club Alumni Stage Actor
Samson Alumni Stage Actor
Ben Lomas Gnome Matter What Alumni Stage Actor
Ben Mathews Bedhead Tutor TV Director
Chris Hemsworth The Avengers: Age of Ultron Alumni Film Actor
Ghostbusters Alumni Film Actor
The Huntsman Alumni Film Actor
In the Heart of the Sea Alumni Film Actor
Claire Scott Before the Border Alumni Film Actor
Daniel Needs Drown Alumni Film Actor
Debbie Neilson Last Three Blonds Alumni Stage Actor
Ambrosia Alumni Film Actor
Denise Roberts The Spirit of the Game Tutor TV Actor
Ed Kavalee Have You Been Paying Attention? Alumni TV Actor
Gary Sweet House Husbands Tutor TV Actor
Isabel Lucas Careful What You Wish For Alumni Film Actor
SFv1 Alumni Film Actor
Knight of Cups Alumni Film Actor
Jakob Mulready Jane Eyre Alumni Stage Actor
John Jarrett Wolf Creek Mini-Series Tutor TV Actor
Boar Tutor Film Actor
Stalkher Tutor Film Actor
Matt Levett Drown Alumni Film Actor
Kid Alumni Film Actor
Meegan Turner Scare Campaign Alumni Film Actor
Portend Alumni Film Actor
The Veil Alumni Film Actor
Nathaniel Buzolic Significant Mother Alumni TV Actor
Peter Kowitz The Weir Tutor Stage Actor
Philip Quast Truth Alumni Film Actor
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Alumni TV Actor
Robert Mammone The Principal Tutor TV Actor
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Tutor TV Actor
Rosemary Ghazi Shakespeare Tonight Alumni Stage Actor
Rhondda Findleton Cleverman Tutor TV Actor
Timothy Dormer Celebrity Apprentice Alumni TV Actor
Selena Scott The Legend of Hip Hop Alumni Film Actor
Stef Dawson Cleverman Alumni Film Actor
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Alumni Film Actor
The Paper Store Alumni Film Actor
The Lennon Report Alumni TV Actor
Creedmoria Alumni Film Actor
Todd Lasance Terminus Alumni Film Actor
How to Murder Your Wife Alumni Film Actor
The Vampire Diaries Alumni TV Actor
Valentino del Toro Excipio Alumni / Tutor Film Actor
Yvonne Strahovski The Astronaut Wives Club Alumni TV Actor
All I See Is You Alumni Film Actor
Zachary Garred Presumed Alumni Film Actor
NCIS: Los Angeles Alumni TV Actor

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