Two-Years Full-Time


Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

A two-year full-time comprehensive creative and technical screen acting program.

Screenwise Pty. Ltd.


Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting

The 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting covers the full spectrum of skills and training required to produce a high-calibre and professional screen actor. Based on the Roberts Method, the course mixes a strong academic element with a hard-nosed professionalism, providing total focus and immersion training in the skills and techniques required for screen acting to meet the demands of today’s industry. Course payment plans are available through TLC Education Finance. The 2025 intake will open mid year 2024. 



Structure & Curriculum

Year One

  • Camera and screen terminology
  • Shot Composition
  • Eyelines and blocking
  • Production heirarchy
  • Channels of communication
  • Production & post-production
  • Blocking
  • Continuity
  • Screen Acting Techniques
  • Screen Script Analysis
  • Developing the voice
  • Spatial awareness
  • Voice and Accents
  • Movement
  • Screen Combat
  • Actions in action
  • Characterisation

The first year curriculum is a demanding and inspiring process of discovery. In it students open the channels of communication, broadening range, developing the voice and spatial awareness, trusting instincts, understanding and embracing the reasons why screen acting is a vital and important component to the acting profession.

This course is specifically designed for film and television acting, therefore all class work is explored and performed on camera.


  1. Use camera and screen terminology
  2. Perform screen acting techniques
  3. Conduct screen script analysis
  4. Maintain the voice for performance
  5. Movement techniques
  6. Apply actions in performance
  7. Performance in accent
  8. Create characterisation and adjustments

Year Two

  • Advanced Screen Acting Methodologies
  • Audition technique
  • ADR and Voiceover
  • Green screen performance
  • The business of acting
  • Graduation film and showreel production shoot
  • Electives: Presenting or Comedy
  • Performance for theatre
  • Industry-invited Showcase with live performance and film presentation

The second year of the course will focus on refining screen acting techniques and exploring post-production and technical demands of a screen actor. Students will learn stagecraft and the business aspects of working in the film and television industry.

Students have the option to select an extended comedy technique or presenting elective.


  1. Evolve screen acting techniques
  2. Perform for screen audition and self-tapes
  3. Realise the business of acting
  4. Performance in a professional showreel
  5. Perform live at industry showcase
  6. Comic performance (elective)
  7. Screen presentation (elective)
My two years at Screenwise was not only an invaluable experience but also wholly enriching. My potential was fostered with a great deal of love and support. I feel as though I finally had a safe environment in which to challenge myself as an actor and develop my craft. The small cohort is intimate allowing…

Belle Gold

Screenwise will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only did it teach me the required skills to becoming a better actor, but it gave me the knowledge one needs when starting in the Australian Film/TV industry. The tutors were so informative, nurturing, and focused on ensuring each student was taken care of.…

Corey Dohmen

All I can say is this…Screenwise isn’t just a school, it’s a family. Not only do you get to learn from the best in the business, but you also get to learn in a fun, safe environment that encourages you to explore and take risks. My time at Screenwise has been an absolute pleasure and…

Daniel Warren

Introducing the

Roberts Method

Finesse your acting craft

Based on the “Roberts Method”, the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting mixes a strong academic element with a hard-nosed professionalism. It provides total focus and immersion training in the unique skills and techniques required for screen acting to ensure that actors can meet the demands of today’s film and television industry.

The Roberts Method also emphasises a strong focus on the personal and boutique approach to acting. This ensures that each student is provided with the attention and guidance to finesse his or her acting craft to it’s full potential. The learning structure of this method also encourages the importance of social and team-based engagement – a necessary tool for actors in the workplace who are required to engage on-set with other professionals within the industry.

Overseen by Denise Roberts (Wonderland, Schapelle, The Moodys, Cliffy, Mrs Biggs, Packed To The Rafters, Blood Brothers, Always Greener), Screenwise employs the crème de la crème of industry professionals – award-winning actors, directors and casting consultants. Denise has been working as a professional Actor, Producer, Director, and Author for over 35 years. During this time Denise has picked up accolades at every stage of her career, including an AFI Award, an International Variety Club of Australia Award, an ACCTA Nomination, 4 Silver Logie Nominations plus more. Read more here.

Preparing actors for the workplace

Statistics from the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) show that 85% of an actor’s career-long income will be derived from television and film. With the majority of renowned acting schools in Australia focusing on theatre, Screenwise aims to give students the crucial skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in the film and TV industry. Throughout their studies students are given opportunities to collaborate with the next generation of film makers through collaborations with leading film and TV educations institutions like AFTRS and UTS.

10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting students also begin their acting career from the moment they commence their studies – not after they graduate. Students are provided with opportunities by Screenwise to audition for professional productions alongside their studies. Wherever possible, Denise recommends her students to her personal contacts lists of Directors, Casting Agents and Production Companies. Diploma of Screen Acting alumni have enjoyed critical and commercial success working as actors, voiceover artists, as well as directors and producers across the film and television industry.

The Screenwise

Founder's Scholarship

Quality skills training as a screen actor in Australia has become increasingly difficult to access. Economically and socially disadvantaged students are most affected, and will be faced with numerous barriers in pursuit of a career as a professional Film and TV Actor. Many young and talented Australian actors may never achieve their goals as a consequence. Somewhere across our nation another Hemsworth or Kidman may never reach their potential as a professional Film and TV Actor.

Screenwise has dedicated over two decades of screen acting training and has facilitated thousands of actors at our studios. Numerous Screenwise Alumni have continued on towards great success in Australia and across the globe throughout that time. The Founder’s Scholarship is a tribute that honours all of our students who have shared our passion for our Film and Television industry, and a promise to tomorrow’s next great Australian actor.

Screenwise and its Founder and CEO Denise Roberts sought to do their part as one of Australia’s key benefactors behind Australia’s Screen Acting Industry today by offering educational support to one of Australia’s most talented and promising actors year-on-year. The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship was realised as our pledge to discover and support the next generation of great Australian actors.

Supporting Australian Actors

The Screenwise Founder’s Scholarship offers one two-year full-time scholarship to study the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting. Valued at $35,000 The Founder’s Scholarship covers tuition fees for the 10869NAT Advanced Diploma Screen Acting Program over the complete course of two years. Tuition Fees also include production of the Scholarship recipient’s Showreel and Industry Graduation Showcase upon completion of the program. In addition to full subsidisation of tuition fees, the successful applicant will receive extended mentoring from Screenwise Founder and CEO Denise Roberts throughout their studies. Find out more here.



Screenwise’s alumni is proof that our Screen Acting courses will launch you into the acting industry and give you a platform to build your career upon.

Join our talented, notable alumni and get serious about your acting career. Start your application and secure your place in the course today by clicking here.

Our recognised and renowned tutors work with you in a class environment as well as one on one to ensure you are receiving the guidance and feedback required when studying at Screenwise. These tutors are all accomplished actors and industry experts who are ready to impart their knowledge and wisdom to you. So if you’re ready to learn from the best, apply today!



How to


Please note you must be 18 at the time of course commencement to be considered for a place in the Advanced Diploma.

Jump onto the Screenwise website and click on the apply now button at the top of the page. Complete your application form, attach your headshot, CV and ID. Please note a fee of $66 is required to complete your application and submit it to the Screenwise industry panel for review. You will receive an email confirming your application submission and what the next steps are for submitting your application.

If you are having any issues with the application process please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you.

Await an email invitation to send through your 60-second monologue from a feature film or television series. All that is required is a one-minute video of yourself performing to camera or to another person slightly off of camera. The initial application monologue must be recorded on a video camera or iPhone. 
Choose a monologue (which is a piece with only one person talking) of a character from a feature film or television series and record yourself performing the scene for the one-minute. This can be happy or sad and should be in your natural accent.

For assistance with your monologue, check out our ‘How To’ here:

How to Film Your Monologue

Once your monologue is received, the Screenwise industry panel will review your entire application and be in contact. If successful, you will be invited to complete a live callback audition and interview (in-studio or via zoom).

Callbacks are held in front of an industry panel and consist of:

  • An interview
  • Performance of a 1-minute monologue of your choice from Film or TV (this should be different from your video submission)
  • Performance of a 2 hander scene provided by Screenwise
  • Applicants are assessed on talent, aptitude, commitment and ability to take direction.

On the day make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time, and if you are running late you contact Screenwise immediately with your ETA so we are able to make sure you can still audition on the day.
You are only required to bring yourself – you won’t be required to bring any props or accessories to go along with the scenes you will be performing.

Once you have completed your callback audition and interview with the industry panel, if successful, you will receive your letter of offer.

Accept your letter or offer and begin your Screenwise journey!

Applicants must have:

  • A strong passion and drive to pursue a career in screen acting
  • Reached the age of 18 years at course commencement.
  • A sound foundation knowledge of English grammar and syntax.
  • A clear speaking voice, free of substantial vocal damage/speech defects
  • A good level of fitness.
  • Ability to interact constructively with others in a film/television set
  • Some natural capacity to claim a fictional circumstance, thought or action as if their own
  • Ability to respond to instruction and accept constructive criticism
  • Financial capacity to meet the course requirements
  • Must complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test prior to the course starting.

Frequently asked


Screenwise and the industry saw a drastic necessity for acting schools to look beyond just the creative side to the actor’s craft and see the big picture. Hence the Screenwise 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting.

Statistics from the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance show that 85% of an actor’s career-long income will be derived from film and television. With the majority of renowned acting schools in Australia focusing on theatre, Screenwise aims to give students the crucial skills and knowledge required to pursue a career in the film and television industry.

  • A character speaking & externalising their thoughts so that the audience can witness what would otherwise be mostly internal or
  • The character is using their speech to achieve a clear goal or
  • A narrative monologue involving a character telling a story in the past tense or
  • A character speaking to another person whom they are trying to affect.
  • Applicants are required to perform and record to camera a 1 minute monologue of their choice
  • Must be age appropriate to the applicant.
  • Can be contemporary (modern) or classical.
  • Must be from film or television (not theatre).
  • Monologue recordings submitted via multi-media platforms (Vimeo, YouTube etc) must ensure the application video is set as unlisted, or private/password protected.
  • Applicants have the choice of performing their monologue directly to camera or to another person slightly off camera.
  • The camera angle for the monologue should be straight on to the applicant and in a tight mid shot (above chest similar to a headshot). Applicant’s face must be clearly visible and voice clearly audible.
  • Background must be plain.

Screenwise cannot offer student accommodation, however in the past we have assisted interstate and overseas students by putting them in touch with those looking for share accommodation. Students also have the option of advertising over our data base and through our social networks. Information on Home Stay and other alternatives is also provided.

The 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting policies can be found here.

The 10869NAT Advanced Diploma of Screen Acting has a number of payment options available. There are a number of payment plans provided by outlined in the booklet available for download below.

Please note VET Student Loans or FEE-HELP is unavailable for this course.

In addition to these payment plans education is available through TLC Education Finance. Finance can cover all or part of the course cost. Find out more about TLC Education Finance here.

TLC Education Finance is subject to low segment interest rates, no early payout fees, flexible terms up to 84 months and are protected by Australian consumer credit laws.

More information is available from TCL. Or visit the application form to contact TLC.

Total Lifestyle Credit Pty Ltd – Authorised under Australian Credit Licence 509691

Terms & Conditions:

  • Speak to TLC direct for a quote based on your personal circumstances and for the full terms and conditions.
  • A full credit and financial assessment would need to be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product